Martin learned to program as a kid on his Commodore 64, but turned to economics for his studies before starting a career as a teacher. He then shifted to software development, which he has been doing for the past 15 years, experiencing most of the roles in the sector: programmer, architect, customer contact, team leader, technical coach, startup founder and technical mentor.As a developer in the social security sector, Martin learned the joy and complexity of team work, coordinating with more than 250 people working together at M-Team, working his way from junior developer to team leader of the architecture team — help other to better develop software.

This is the exact reason that pushed him to found his own company, PullReview — the realisation that as an individual he could not scale, but that it was possible to impact hundreds or thousands of people by putting his knowledge into a software. Co-founding a company was the opportunity to learn (often the hard way) about the business side of software: sales, marketing, legal and others. It was also a situation where decisions has to be taken fast and software delivered in terms of days, requiring a laser-level focus on only the things that really matters.

Since then, Martin has used his experience and expertise to work with various companies, from multinationals, such as Swift, to one person ideas with the same mindset: ensuring the timely delivery of good software by applying best practices — but also by the merciless slaughter of everything not directly improving the end user’s life.

Inspired by BlueSquare’s mission and vision, Martin is excited to get started and move the company forward.

Find Martin on LinkedIn here and Twitter here.

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