We are Bluesquare – a global health data company founded in Brussels (Belgium) with staff in more around 10 different countries. We deliver health systems and analysis with a specific interest to help bring the limited resources in healthcare to those that need them the most. More about us here

We’re looking for a full-time internal tool support profile to join our Dakar office.

What we do: We deliver IT projects in the healthcare sector. We also develop software products to improve the work of our own teams & the quality of the project we deliver. As a small but fast browning company (around 50 staffs today), we use a good set of tools in order to support our work – Jira for task tracking, Slack for internal communication, Google Drive for document management & collaboration, 1password for security and more and more Odoo as a CRM, sales pipeline and invoicing management tool. We also use & manage a lot of information on Google Spreadsheets. Those tools have become key to most of our colleagues’ daily work and so critical to the company deliveries.

The job: You’ll progressively take ownership of the entire suite of our internal tools, giving support to the whole company, including:

  • Creating accesses for new people, and updating them when needed
  • Answering questions about tools usage and creating FAQs or documentation as needed
  • Configure the tools to answer request from the various teams – for example to provide visibility on hours spent on a specific Jira project or a dashboard on invoice status for one of the company segment in Odoo, etc
  • Prepare reports integrating data from various tools, using Google Spreadsheets
  • You’ll progressively improve our tool usage thus making the whole company more efficient

Team: You will be part of the development/technical team, reporting to our CTO but in a role that supports the whole company. While you’ll be the first person in that specific role, that means you’ll always have colleagues around to ask questions.

We are a distributed and remote friendly company, so most of our meetings are calls and our standup involves people from 4-6 different countries on any normal day.

You’ll be able to work from home or from our Dakar office.

What we look for: Someone with knowledge of some of the tools outlined above (Odoo experience is a plus) but more importantly with a learning mindset and an interest in tinkering with tools to find solutions to people problems. A good experience with Excel or Google Sheet will certainly be useful too.

A technical or data related degree is appreciated but not necessary – we need someone at ease with technical tools and data, and a degree is only one way to get there.

While a good number of people in the company are French-speaking, we use English in all technical documentation and in most of our exchanges, so we’ll require some level of English language proficiency (both written and spoken)

Recruitment process:

  • Send your resume & cover letter (we would like to learn something about you and why you think we could be a good match – outlining a specific relevant experience is useful too) to mvanaken@bluesquarehub.com 
  • Martin, our CTO will make first contact, typically a short call to expand a bit on the offer and answer any immediate questions about the company or position. He’ll also ask for any input to share with the team ahead of time (like public code if you have some and want to share it, references if useful, etc). 
  • We’ll offer you to pay a visit to our Senegal office when time & sanitary conditions allow to meet our Senegalese colleagues in person
  • The second and main step is a group interview (in person and/or on a conference call) with a group of people in the company.  This is generally more a conversation with some emphasis on your background and what you could bring to the team.
  • Once this is done, we collect the feedback on our side (this is generally done the day after). At that time, if both you and the team are positive to move forward, we extend an offer.
  • Depending on your availability, we may also offer you to work for us for a week on some specific tasks (for pay obviously) and use that experience to make our decision – we’ve found this to be one of the best ways to learn to know each other.
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