About us

We’re looking for a Dakar based junior Sysadmin/Devops to join our infrastructure/devops team.

What we do: We are hosting a dozen servers for our own products (including production, development and training environments), and several dozen DHIS2 servers for our various customers, all AWS-based, mainly linux instances. This includes installing new servers, upgrading existing ones, identifying and resolving issues when they happen and communicating with our users, internal or external.

How we work: We are primarily a development team so we approach infrastructure from the development side – developing scripts to manage the various actions, from the command line to AWS to slack bots, in addition to the more usual sysadmin needs (SSH, looking at logs, etc). We use a lot of Docker and AWS and script mostly written in Ruby.

We are a distributed and remote friendly company, so most of our meetings are calls and our standup involves people from 4-6 different countries on any normal day.

What we look for:

Someone with interest in infrastructure problems, a willingness to learn/grow with our team and some knowledge about programming and git (Ruby or Python is a plus). Some experience with AWS and Docker would be ideal.

You will join our small infrastructure team (two people part time, a bunch of cron jobs and a bot) and take over some routine tasks using the existing infrastructure. When this works well, you’ll help the team improve this infrastructure to make your own work easier by automating more tasks.

Recruitment process:

We roughly follow this process:

  • Send your resume & cover letter (we would like to learn something about you!) to mvanaken@bluesquarehub.com 
  • Martin, our CTO will make first contact, typically a short call to expand a bit on the offer and answer any immediate questions about the company or position. He’ll also ask for any input to share with the team ahead of time (references if useful, etc). 
  • We’ll offer you to pay a visit to our Senegal office when time & sanitary conditions allow to meet our Senegalese colleagues in person
  • The second and main step is an interview/conference call with the infrastructure team. Our reasoning is that they will be your closest colleagues so we want to see if this will work – for us and for you.  This is generally more a conversation with some emphasis on your background and what you could bring to the team.
  • Once this is done, we collect the feedback on our side (this is generally done the day after). At that time, if both you and the team are positive to move forward, we extend an offer.
  • We may also offer you to work for us for a week (for pay obviously) and use that experience to make our decision – we’ve found this to be one of the best ways to learn to know each other.

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