About the company 

Bluesquare is a technology, data system and data company focusing on Global Health. Bluesquare’s goal is to help Global Health resources get where it matters the most. We partner with Global Health Funds, national governments, health service purchasers, NGOs, and help them make smarter health investments. 

Bluesquare’s technologies are in use in more than 30 countries and support +60 different clients, including the World Bank, the WHO, the Global Fund to Fight HIV, TB and Malaria, leading NGOs and consultancies.  

Bluesquare specializes in three market segments: 

  • Health financing data systems. Bluesquare is the leader in data systems that support Result Based Financing (RBF), Pay for Quality (P4Q), Pay for Performance (P4P) and Performance Based Financing (PBF). We support more than 20 countries manage their national RBF systems. We continue to  expand our digital tools to support strategic purchasing in a broader sense, in particular with a focus on health insurance, data system integration and costing. Bluesquare is leading the software rebuild of OpenIMIS, an open source health insurance platform.       
  • Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) data systems. Bluesquare offers a complete solution for improved data collection, storing, integration and visualizing to help build meaningful data driven interventions. We provide services such as data warehousing, data collection, data system integration, data processing and data visualisation. 
  • Data analytics data platform. Bluesquare helps clients gain in depth understanding of specific health topics  by integrating multiple data sources and data sets, data cleaning, data structuring, and data modeling. Currently our data science work focuses on disease elimination, health service access, availability and quality. 

Bluesquare provides these services through several intervention types: 

  • Software Development. Bluesquare has an in-house team of software developers focusing on four software products connected to DHIS2, a popular open source data management platform.  We also build on demand specific tools for clients.   
  • Data system hosting, deployment and implementation. Bluesquare has an in-house hosting, deployment team that customises our products coupled to DHIS2 data bases.
  • Data science. We build specific data science packages to respond to our clients’ needs. 
  • Strategic advice, support and training. Bluesquare helps our clients identify the best approaches for data and data system management.  By supporting them to find and combine the best available data sources in order to extract the right data to inform strategic decisions.                     

Your role

Bluesquare is a small company in full growth. To support this growth we are looking to reinforce our sales and communications efforts. This role will require close collaboration with various teams across the company – developers, program managers, data scientists and leadership. A close pulse on the needs of our client markets (large aid agencies, research institutions and non-profit organisations) will also be required.

Specifically you will be responsible for supporting the following:

Communication & Marketing

  • Contribute to communications tools (branding, marketing, communication) in support of the business and product teams
  • Help develop a content management approach
  • Identify new opportunities to position our products, teams, and services on the market(s)
  • Support participation and organization of events aligned to the communications strategy (concept notes, workshops, etc.)

Tenders and Proposals   

  • Contribute to the coordination and production of our sales (EOI, RFI, RFP, etc) responses 
  • Ensure the overall quality, completeness, coherence and accuracy of proposals
  • Update and maintain our text bank of ready to use CVs, content, company descriptions, etc.
  • Review and edit proposal input from a variety of team members for insertion in the proposal: product / business knowledge / finance / legal / etc.  
  • Enrich our proposal process with new ideas
  • Follow-up with prospective or existing clients on the analysis of the bids and provide additional information when requested
  • Support negotiation processes 
  • Ability to identify and communicate with third party providers: consultants, consortium members, consulting firms, NGOs, etc.


  • Track market evolutions and share insights with the business team
  • Contribute to the elaboration and monitoring of the broader sales strategy 
  • Procurement, tender and other websites with tender/RFP monitoring
  • Internal sales pipeline monitoring 
  • Support the generation of sales estimates and analytics for management decision making
  • Contribute ideas to improve the sales process

Skills and competencies

  • At least 3 years of experience working in the field of international development and an understanding of the Global Health actors and ecosystem 
  • Experienced in managing effective communications/sales processes: organizing content meetings, facilitating final document review, preparing offers, coordinating sign off, document production and final delivery 
  • Excellent capacity to link with different stakeholders in the company : CEO, CFO/COO, business team, product owners, technical team
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in French (required) and English (preferred)
  • Attention to detail, organized, follow through
  • Efficient, meet deadlines, ability to work under pressure
  • Experience in health in developing countries is an asset
  • Experience in managing communications campaign


  • Work at the crossroad between Global Health, Health Financing & Technology – using the latter to improve the former
  • Join a dynamic & diverse team committed to improve health access & quality, especially for the poorest
  • Manage projects impacting the lives of thousands of people
  • Get first hand experience on public health in emerging economies
  • Brainstorm with us on finding solutions to health financing challenges – from incentives to health insurance and cash transfer

Apply by sending us your CV and a short introduction to yourself and why you think you would be a good fit for the position at jobs@bluesquarehub.com.