We’re looking for a Senior Ruby Developer to join our development team (seven people split between Brussels and Bujumbura).

What we do: We’re developing, hosting and maintaining four different but linked products supporting the whole data chain (data collection, visualization, integration and a business rule engine), all developed using Ruby on Rails (and React). Those are used in our various projects, and are evolving as our business do. In addition, we manage some “custom” projects when the needs of a customer are too far from our products features.

How we work: Although we all have our experiences, preferences and specialties, we value the teamwork and collaboration first and foremost. We aim to do the best work we can, improving our practices along the way. We follow a scrum-ish scheme, with backlogs, stories and sprints.


  • We do code review on all the code produced
  • We use unit and integration tests (mostly RSpec) for a good level of coverage
  • We use code quality tools to complement the human reviews

What we look for is someone sharing our vision and willing to bring her/his knowledge to the team, improving our products but also our ways of working. Willingness to work with and support people less experienced in programming or in Ruby is very important to us, as is the will to improve and grow.

What we look for:

Above and beyond your technical level, some interest in our mission would certainly help and so will a general “team player” attitude – we value supporting each other first and foremost.

What “Senior” means here is that we face various challenges (integration between several softwares, complex and flexible business logic, complex business flow) so we appreciate the real life experience you can bring to the table. Our investment in Ruby is significant, but we’re sure we could benefit from more expertise there. Last but not least, we expect you to share this knowledge to help the whole team to improve.

Recruitment process:

This is not written in stone, but we roughly follow this process:

  • Martin, our CTO make a first contact, typically a short call to expand a bit on the offer and answer any immediate question. He’ll also ask for any input the team could get (like public code if you have any, references if useful, etc).
  • The second and main step is a group interview (in person and/or with a conf call) with the dev team. Our reasoning is that they would be your closest colleagues so we want to see if this would work.  This is generally more a conversation with some emphasis on your background and what you could bring to the team
  • Once this is done, we collect the feedback on our side (this is generally done the day after). At that time, if both you and the team are positive, we extend you an offer.

Interested? Contact Martin at mvanaken@bluesquarehub.com with your resume, relevant experience and some hints about why you would want to work with us.