Bluesquare, a social impact company with a mission to bring healthcare to everyone is looking for a UX Designer to help our ORBF2 product team (four developers, two business people and various internal and external users) improve the experience for the user in various areas of the application.

The product

ORBF2 (rebranding incoming) is a rule engine used by our team and customers to apply complex rules on top of the data they collect on their various health centers. This enables of use cases such as:

  • Help a fund like the World Bank to finance a facility based on the number and quality of the consultation and deliveries they do
  • Help a government compute drug stock outs from inventory numbers
  • Help a control agency to identify the facilities that are not reporting their data correctly

This is based on a set of data and a set of formulas quite similar to what you would find in Excel.

We’ve been expanding ORBF2 capabilities a lot and this has also made the product quite complex to use.

ORBF2 is split in two main parts – an administrative side where program managers can define their rules and a “user” side where they can mainly see the results of the computations but also manage some parameters and ask the engine to make simulations. We are progressively pushing more and more capabilities to the “user” side.

The job

Define a UX strategy for current and upcoming features in collaboration with the team. Conduct users surveys, create personae and help prioritize most added value user flows. . Some examples among others are: :

  • Redefine user flows based on most common use cases
  • Improve information architecture to manage the inherent product complexity and data
  • Ensure UI provides enough trust to reduce current users double checking
  • Increase perceived system status and actions outcomes
  • Review overall readability and responsiveness

There are a lot of aspects to improve, so this is just some examples. For this to work, we’ll spend time explaining the best we can what are the users, the use cases and how the product brings value (in addition to demoing the product itself of course) so we can work together toward improvements.

Generally speaking, we know that ORBF2 relies on very technical concepts – we would like you to help make those obvious for our users and help alleviate some of the complexity.

What we look for:

A UX designer, ideally with some experience in data-heavy, “productivity” like applications. ORBF2 is in short, a web based spreadsheet engine with data and formulas.

We are initially looking for a contract/mission, but should things work well, we would probably want to either repeat or discuss long term relationship (there sure are enough work).


Bluesquare HQ is in Brussels. We have people working from several locations including Burundi, DRC and Zimbabwe. You are welcome to come work from one of our offices or from where you are but we would appreciate someone that can work roughly on the same timetables as us (GMT+1 or “around”).


This is not written in stone, but we roughly follow this process:

  • Martin, our CTO makes a first contact, typically a short call to expand a bit on the offer and answer any immediate questions. He’ll also ask for any input the team could get (like public code if you have any, references if useful, etc).
  • The second and main step is a group interview (in person and/or with a conf call) with the team working on ORBF2. Those people would be your main contacts on this project, so better to meet each other.  This is generally more a conversation with some emphasis on your background and what you could bring to the team – it’s also a very good opportunity for you to ask any questions about the product, job, team, etc…
  • Once this is done, we collect the feedback on our side (this is generally done the day after). At that time, if both you and the team are positive, we extend you an offer.

Interested? Reach to Martin at