Helping Governments, Donors and NGOs to collect data efficiently

Every single data project starts with collecting data, no matter how different the situation in the field. Whether you collect data from health centers, hospitals or remote villages far from any internet or phone connection, our solutions will help you get your data into your DHIS2 system.

Our vision is to serve all of you involved. Whether you are a data analyst eager to get quality data in a timely manner. Or a data collector – a field agent, nurse or verifier – tasked with this crucial operation. Without all of the data collection work you do, there is no data to act upon. So we aim to make your job easier too – helping you to avoid the easy to fix mistakes and guiding you along each step of the process.

To accomplish this, we rely on established technical solutions such as ODK and the DHIS2 Android application. We follow developments on both these initiatives closely and have extensive experience in making them work in the most effective way for projects of varying size and scope. In addition, we’ve built our own tool, Data Collect to bridge ODK and DHIS2 and allowing you to push data from ODK to DHIS2.

We support the full data collection range – from simple routine data to complex quality of care.

How does it work?

Why should you use it?

Offline first

  • Download the right survey and data, then go straight to the field
  • Collect as much data as needed
  • Upload as soon as a connection is available again

Quality at the heart of your data collection

  • Advanced validations within the form itself
  • Score computations provide immediate feedback
  • Guidance and error messages help to avoid simple mistakes

Easily onboard data collectors

  • Easy to use solutions
  • A focus on quality and productivity


  • You can update your own questionnaires…
  • … or create new ones from scratch for new programs

The Bluesquare Data Collection Service

  • Advice and best practice on how best digitize your paper forms and processes
  • Recommendation on the most adapted tool for your needs
  • Discussions with your analyst to ensure the data will be actionable
  • Recommendations on the best way to organise forms
  • Validation incorporated directly within your program

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