Helping Government, Donor and NGO data tell a story

Shining the spotlight on the projects you manage can help ensure that leadership decisions relating to the work you do are based on measurable outcomes. Over the years working within DHIS2, our team has developed a tool called Data Viz. It allows Governments, donors and NGOs (specifically the managers of health programs and their M&E teams) to demonstrate the results of your program delivery in an easy to access public-facing platform.

Data Viz is a web-based interface that uses data from DHIS2 platforms and turns it into graphs and maps. You can use the tool as a dashboard for monitoring and evaluation support. It can serve as a tool to help you speak about your project to stakeholders and demonstrate the results of the work you are doing. It fosters transparency and accountability between governments, donors and citizens.

While the most common users of Data Viz are focused on health data, DataViz can also be used for any other DHIS2 data set that requires visualisation (education, water & sanitation, etc…).

How does it work?

Uses cases

Health Facility RegistriesRBF/PBF monitoringMonitoring service availability

Why should you use it?

Select the data that matters

  • You decide on what data you want to display
  • You decide what time period to highlight

Interact with your data

  • Maps and graphs that allow you to see the data you want to see
  • Zoom in on your map to see the facility, district or regional level
  • Graphs that allow you to compare data (rank, multi and single indicator)
  • Download the raw data in an open format

Configure the look & feel

  • Choose the branding, add your own header, photo, colors and logos to the page
  • Publish articles and documents related to your project
  • Decide what you want to highlight where on the page

The Bluesquare Data Viz Service

  • Advice and best practice on how to use the site for your specific reporting needs
  • Selection and recommendations on which data should be displayed
  • Recommendations on best way to display the data
  • Set-up your dashboard
  • Training on content creation

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