We are big users and proponent of the DHIS2 data warehouse – we find that the existence of a well funded, well supported and broadly used open source software in this area is a massive benefit to the whole sector – especially when thinking about the most common alternative: hundreds of badly supported custom software with limited integration options, leaving the systems forever disconnected.

With more than 5 years and dozens of DHIS2 project delivered, we progressively developed an offer to extend DHIS2 capabilities to face issues in our segments of work – every sector comes with its own specific needs on top of the general features that DHIS2 is providing, and our DHIS2 applications aim to address those.

With DHIS2 enabling more and more extension through the DHIS2 Apps (and the App Hub), we and our users can avoid the usual dilemma: use an off the shelf solution that would lack some specific concern or go for a fully custom one with the associated costs and maintenance hurdles.

Our applications are grouped in our DHIS2 Suite – a collection of DHIS2 Apps aiming to provide a better experience to you & your users by extending DHIS2 core capability more than replacing them.

Our suite contains:

  • Dataviz: A public portal to showcase your DHIS2 data to your various stakeholders – configurable directly from DHIS2 itself. Pick the org units, data elements or indicators you want to showcase, select the appropriate visualizations and get a portal up and running in just a few hours – like the PDSS one (PBF, DRC) or a full registry of health centers like in Niger.
  • Hesabu: A complete computing engine powerful enough to compute stockouts risk in logistics, invoices in PBF or support risk based verification.
  • Feedback Loop: A reporting engine coupled to a mailing list – send your stakeholder automated nicely formatted reports with the data that matters to them – delivered automatically and regularly to their mailboxes with a format adhering to your organization branding.
  • D2D: An integration tool allowing to seamlessly copy data from a DHIS2 to another – allowing a PBF program to get data from the HMIS or multiple programs to get updates on their health pyramid from the government managed DHIS2.
  • Logistics Browser: A dedicated visualisation app with drill down and computing capabilities, geared toward drugs and stockouts reports for LMIS based systems.
  • TaskR: Our DHIS2 scripting toolbox – automate regular work using the dozens provided recipes or use the DHIS2 API to create new ones as you need.
  • PBF Manager: Get all your PBF related information in a single place – from contracts to tarifs to data entry and reports.

While independent from DHIS2, Iaso allows for full offline data collection with immediate integration to DHIS2.

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