In addition to our main suite of products, Bluesquare does regularly develop DHIS2 Apps – extensions that can run on top of an existing DHIS2 application to enhance its set of features.

Most of them are part of our products (such as Dataviz’s manager) or created for specific user needs. Here are two examples of more generic work.

If you have needs in this area, don’t hesitate to contact our CTO Martin Van Aken 

Logistics dahsboard

For the monitoring of supply chain with DHSI2, we had frequent requests for a way to present tabular data that allowed for drill down & showing matrix-like data (for example to follow different metrics about the same drug – stock in, stock out, etc).

(screenshot from a platform developed for Cordaid in DRC – thanks to the cordaid team for their authorisations)

To enable this, we developed a “pivot table” application with those features in, using the same data than the pivot table but with a different visualisation.

A very important feature of the “pivot browser” is to be able to visualise data elements in line and in columns. In the above example, commodities (line) and stock levels (column).  


TaskR is an open source “toolbox” made to provide easy to run “recipes” to cover a whole lot of useful tasks to do on DHIS2. 

For example, we provide a recipe to evaluate the percentages of org units that have proper gps coordinates:

In addition people knowing Java Script and the DHIS2 API can add their own recipes to the list, thus creating new capabilities for all the users. 

TaskR is directly available from DHIS2 App Hub

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