What is openIMIS ? 

openIMIS is a free and open-source software developed to accelerate Universal Health Coverage in low and middle income settings. The digitization of health financing workflows will lead to a strengthened access and to more efficient healthcare services. openIMIS aims to support this digitization process.

The tool provides a modular open source platform supporting health financing and social protection schemes. It supports the processes and data integration that health care purchasers need.The software has been so far deployed in 5 countries: Cameroon, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal and Tanzania. Since 2018, Bluesquare has been leading the architectural design and redevelopment of openIMIS. 

Through an easy to use interface, openIMIS allows you to configure and run the complex processes used in health protection programmes. With the software you can manage beneficiaries as well as generate, transmit and review health service claims. The software organizes and structures data exchanges related to patients, health service providers and payers to improve the health financing programmes.

The software is currently being rebuilt and some modules are already available in the new architecture.

Not all the following features are available in the new architecture yet. But they are production-ready in the old architecture. The openIMIS software helps you to oversee:

  • Beneficiaries: individuals and families
  • Benefit packages (services and prices)
  • Providers
  • Services and products
  • Service claims generation, review and processing
  • Client feedback
  • Monitoring and data analysis
  • Data system integration with other tools such as DHIS2 or BI software
  • Mobile beneficiary enrollment and claim entry
  • Locations and health facilities registrations

Who is it for ?

openIMIS is designed for health care purchasers such as ministries of health, ministries of social protection, health insurance funds, social protection funds, private health insurance, community health insurances. You can use openIMIS in the following cases:

  • Health insurances schemes
  • National health systems (tax funded)
  • Output-based financing: RBF (Results Based Financing) and P4P (Pay for Performance)
  • Voucher schemes

More about openIMIS: 

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