OpenRBF symbolOpenRBF 2.0 is a modular Results-Based Financing (RBF) web application used by governments, donors and NGOs to manage RBF systems and promote better strategic purchasing.

OpenRBF 2.0 works on top of DHIS2, allowing managers to define and apply computation rules to data, generate scores and financial amounts, and effectively monitor their programs. Typically, these data rules are related to quantity, quality and payment.

While primarily used in the health sector, OpenRBF 2.0 can additionally be used to compute key performances indicators in a variety of sectors, including education and security.


Key features

  • Data management
  • Tarification plans (applying prices per indicator to a whole set of facilities across a defined area)
  • Custom rules and computation
  • Easy monitoring and benchmarking
  • Data warehouse
  • RBF engine
  • Integration with DHIS2

Download OpenRBF 2.0 Factsheet