Leverage and integrate multiple sources of fragmented data for smarter public health decision-making

Routine data systems in public health delivery across the globe produce a significant amount of data; from HMIS systems, to Result-based Financing programs, LMIS systems and more. Unfortunately, these data systems are often not interoperable, difficult to access and of mixed quality. This makes leveraging the data stored a challenge.

Over the last few years, Bluesquare teams have been working across many data platforms and witnessing first hand the potential for this data to be used to make smarter public health investment decisions. We are convinced we have a role to play in this space.

We can support in the following areas:

  • Data collection monitoring: dashboards to monitor data completeness and timeliness on top of DHIS2, automated warnings for abnormal values
  • Operational monitoring: LMIS and HMIS integration, dashboards for supply chain managers on top of DHIS2, custom dashboards
  • M&E for specific programs: integration of multiple data sources, modeling of M&E KPIs based on routine data, customs indicators with the associated level of reliability
  • Research and communication: statistical modeling, machine learning methods, GIS multicriteria analysis

By helping you:

  • Identify data sources and engage with data owners
  • Integrate routine data systems
  • Develop tools for data analysis
  • Make the outputs of these analyses available for users
  • Visualize raw data and models outputs

You can find examples of some projects such as the She Decides project and the DRV HIV Drug Resistance initiative.

The potential when we do this, is that we are able to improve our understanding of where diseases strike, how these diseases are managed over time and can thus be better prepared to react to the challenges this brings.

So if you work in public health as an M&E expert, a supply chain manager, a researcher, a data manager or within your country’s national public health system we would love to hear from you. If you would like to partner on a new project, research opportunity or delivery challenge our team is always looking for driven partners, new ideas and collaborative opportunities.

You can contact Romain for more information.

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