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We offer a set of products to respond to your needs including setting up a DHIS2 data warehouse where your data will be stored, mobile data collection tools to collect the missing pieces of information for a solid M&E system, D2D to integrate your DHIS2 with that of partners in order to make your data available and/or integrate other sources of data, and Data Viz to visualize your information on web-facing dashboards so that your community including development partners, individual donors, governments and citizens can visualize your achievements.

About DHIS2

DHIS2 is a flexible, web-based open-source information system with extensive visualization features including GIS, charts and pivot tables.

DHIS2 plays a key role in public health management as the preferred health management information system in 62 countries across four continents. It helps governments and health organizations manage their operations more effectively, monitor processes and improve communication. It also is increasingly being used by non governmental actors as an M&E tool.

Putting it in practice

DHIS2 has many applications. The central function is as a national health information system for data management and analysis purposes. As such, it can also be used for health program monitoring and evaluation, to provide facility registries, to map the availability of services, to manage supply chains, for mobile data collection and for tracking and monitoring certain indicators. For NGOs implementing a specific program in one country, or in multiple countries, DHIS2 has demonstrated its ability to serve as a centralized database to be able to measure progress on a regular basis.

And it runs on everything. With DHIS2 you can capture data on any type of device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Most solutions work-offline, enabling improved reach in locations with poor connectivity.

Visit the full DHIS2 website to learn more about it.

Bluesquare and DHIS2

What can we do to help you with your DHIS2 platform? It’s simple. We work with DHIS2 every day and so we have accumulated a good amount of knowledge on the platform.

Usually, our clients are looking for support in one of the following areas:

Mobile Data Collection – collecting the data to track what happens in the field

DHIS2 includes a number of data collection features. Our team is well versed in rolling out these applications and supporting teams on their use and implementation. We also have our own tool called Data Collect connected to DHIS2 depending on the situation.

Data Visualization – understanding the story behind the data

DHIS2 Dashboards are a powerful source of information on what is actually happening but making the most of dashboards can be tricky. We can help you find the best way to share the information. We also have our own DataViz tool which helps you to visualise the data you have in your DHIS2 platform. It is a helpful tool to promote your program and its results to the public.

Interoperabilityintegrating data from other data sources to the DHIS2 platform

The more centralized the data, the more knowledge can be pulled from it. Our experts help to ensure your data platforms communicate and share the data between them effectively. D2D is our own tool which we have developed to help us to integrate two DHIS2 databases.

Trainings in DHIS2 helping your people take ownership of the data for the long term

Great, you have all this data, but what’s the point if you can’t use it. We work with you to develop tailor made trainings covering the scope of the responsibilities of your data manager or experts. Taking into account your context and your needs.

Solution Supportfinding ways to get more from your data in the DHIS2 platform

If you hit a wall with what you can accomplish on DHIS2 we can help identify the best way forward, whether it’s customized or off-the-shelf. We sit with you to understand your needs and find a solution together from data collection to dashboard creation.

Custom Development – extending the DHIS2 platform to meet your specific needs. When DHIS2 features are not enough, we can develop tailor made extensions within your DHIS2 instance to help you tackle your challenges.

And while, it is not our main business, in some cases, we do provide hosting for DHIS2. This can be most helpful in cases where we are already working together on a project. We calculate this based on the number of users. But we are happy to help you find the option that suits you best.

You can contact Martin if you have a DHIS2 issue or question and think we can provide support.

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