Our hosting relies on one of the most used and secure providers of the planet – Amazon Web Service. The reason we chose Amazon Web is that this service comes with a high level of security, from the physical hardware to the operating system, guaranteeing 99.99% uptime at machine level. 

Our hosting also includes domain name and SSL certificate for traffic encryption, with regular patches on Operating Systems and packages for security updates. In an effort to ensure data ownership we also ensure that each of our clients has dedicated database instance.


We also ensure you have your data available at all times with daily backups and constant monitoring. In addition, to ensure your platform remains fully operational at all times, we also provide ongoing updates to the hosting size.

How it works

Our software developers set up your hosting installation within 5 days of signature of your contract. Leveraging our expertise in setting up instances for over 40 programs.

This set-up includes :

  • Installation of a dedicated PostgreSQL database server
  • Installation of a dedicated linux server to run the DHIS Tomcat servlet
  • Configuring the DHIS2 application
  • Active monitoring of both database and application server
  • Nightly (external) backups of the database servers

Once it is set-up we can propose to support the initial configuration of the data as well as part of additional support (see below).

Technical Support

We provide the following technical support as part of all our hosting projects:

DHIS2 is a platform that undergoes improvements and updates on an ongoing basis. Having the latest version of the DHIS2 instance can make a big difference in terms of interoperability, ease of use and long term durability. This is why we include one version upgrade per 12 months and all related security upgrades free of charge. 

We also make use of a ticketing system to help manage your queries. This system allows us to monitor your need for additional technical support effectively, thus providing you answers to your problems in a reasonable timing.

Additional Support

The elements above are included as a given in our hosting support. However, depending on your technical team and needs, perhaps you will need more. This is where we can provide a few additional support services.

  • DHIS2 Set up
  • DHIS2 Training
  • DHIS2 Advanced Technical Support
  • Specific best practices on HMIS instances we support internationally


Getting started
For single program with few users or test instances
Server: 2vCPU, 4GB RAM
Multi program or HMIS
For mutli programs instances and HMIS
Server: 4vCPU, 8GB RAM

Our DHIS2 set up fee is a fixed fee of 250 EUR per instance. This covers the set-up and time invested for ensuring that security settings and access rights are aligned with your needs. 

We then propose different plans as above depending on your need. If you are unsure of what you need, start with the medium – we can easily adjust after once you get an idea of your actual usage..

We can propose additional services and support on top of th plan for tasks such as data import, more frequent updates or others. We often propose a small pool of days per year of hosting for the teams to rely on.

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