Build integrated data systems for strategic decisions linked to health

As a community of stakeholders working towards universal health coverage internationally, data is key. It can help us identify who, among the most vulnerable people in middle and low income countries, we need to serve. What are their greatest needs? Where are the individuals with those needs? How can we fill gaps in supply or support to make sure we reach them?

Answering questions like these remains the key challenge for health professionals around the world. Collecting critical data over a broad geography plays an essential role in helping us get a better view of the Public Health delivery landscape. This has remained at the heart of who Bluesquare is and what we do. At our core, we focus on serving as partners to the key actors in public health (and this in over 24 countries to date).

How? We have developed modular web applications to allow governments, donors and NGOs to manage their data, starting with Results/Performance-based Financing programs and going further into broader health financing activities (including health insurance and strategic purchasing). Our teams come alongside data managers and program managers and roll out the technological solutions needed to track, monitor and verify what is going on day-to-day in the regions where they want to make an impact on the public health of individuals.

Our tools/products are key to making this a reality. ORBF plugs itself into the already functioning HMIS systems and provides the necessary calculations to ensure accurate measurements to identify the focus areas to target, or locations that require additional support. This, coupled with data collection in the field and visualisation tools, completes a package that allows us to help our partners and clients to effectively manage their public health delivery programs.

If you have questions on our approach to health financing support or would like to send us a request for proposal contact our Sales Team.

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