One of the biggest challenges we face during our monitoring and evaluation projects is the existence of multiple data sources that are not unified nor synchronized, making it difficult to have a steady and constant flow of data. To resolve this, Bluesquare developed D2D.

D2D is Bluesquare’s tool that allows DHIS2 data integration between multiple instances. This tool is very useful in the context of large programs or in countries that have different DHIS2 instances. D2D makes it possible to synchronize the different data sources in order to count on more reliable data. 

Bluesquare has at heart to offer to its partner continuous improvement on its tools and to make them accessible for all. D2D has been upgraded recently in order to make the interface more user friendly and simple to use for non-technical data and program managers. We have been working on 3 aspects to improve D2D. It is now more convenient, faster and more comfortable to use.

  • Convenience

To make DHIS a better partner for data pipelines, D2D gained the ability to export to a CSV directly to your own Amazon S3 Bucket. This CSV file could then be used in a larger data pipeline. This can both be run manually or on a scheduled basis (like all the other D2D tasks)

  • Speed

In our ongoing effort to make D2D smarter and faster we’ve also added features to limit the amount of data that needs to be transferred between DHIS servers. You can now instruct D2D to only handle data that was changed after a specific date (or within the last x days). This will speed up your data flows and make D2D run faster.

  • Comfort

We’ve also added a bit more insight to the D2D process, as a user you can ask D2D for a preview of the data that it will be pushing from the source DHIS to the target DHIS. After viewing this preview, you will be able to cancel or resume the task.

Bluesquare is very attentive to the needs of our partners. We make sure to improve our tools in the direction of their needs. Get in touch with our team to learn more about D2D !

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