Bluesquare is a Belgian global data company focused on digital health in low- and middle- income countries around the globe. It was founded in 2012 by Nicolas de Borman.

Bluesquare was initially born out of a real need to find data driven solutions to improve health service programs (specifically Performance-Based Financing programs). These programs were truly lacking in data supported technology. We knew it was possible to do more.

While our story began there, in the last 8 years, we have supported the digital health agenda of close to 30 Ministries of Health and an important number of international global health organisations, public health research institutes, NGOs and private organisations. Through software development, capacity building and ongoing dialogue, Bluesquare continues to focus on improving access to Universal Health Coverage.

Bluesquare’s technologies promote equitable and efficient allocation of resources in more than 30 low- and middle- income countries impacting over 100 millions people. By improving the scope, quality and efficiency of public services, these technologies make quality performance data available to users.These tools enable decision-makers to rely on a steady flow of data – thereby encouraging more transparent and accountable management of development programs.

Our team has grown to over 45 people, including developers, public health specialists, data analysts, data scientists, engineers and analysts and data system experts, project managers, economists, administrators. Our teams are spread over 3 continents working in Brussels, Kinshasa, Paris, Harare, Bujumbura, Dakar and Washington DC. 

We now support projects and programs using a variety of open source tools and tools we have developed ourselves in their needs of:

  • Health financing,
  • Geospatial information systems,
  • Monitoring and evaluation,
  • Logistics information systems and
  • Data science. 

Our support includes data collection, data integration, data quality, data analytics and data calculations to gain more insights from the data. We also create data analytics platforms that support improved analysis and resource allocation. In addition, we are the proud developers of some of the first publicly available Health Facility Registries like the ones in Niger and the Democratic Republic of Congo

What makes us different? Our close alignment to local governments and their efforts to own and manage the health data of their citizens. In the countries where we work, while there are many challenges, a broader issue is the lack of an integrated approach to leverage that data for clear decision making. This is where Bluesquare finds its sweet spot. Providing dialogue and technological support we help actors to bring together the relevant data for informed decision making about how to effectively distribute health care services. 

Our goal – delivering innovative technology for better lives.

Our flight and hosting carbon emission are offset via ClimatePartner.

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