Who we are?

We are a diverse group of people: developers, project managers, data scientists, economists, administrators, engineers and analysts from Belgium, Burundi, DRC, Senegal, Benin, Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Germany, France, the USA and other places.

What brings us together is a common vision about public health. A smarter allocation of resources in emerging economies – so they get to where it matters most. We hire for culture add, not culture fit.

What we do?

Our systems and tools boost the reach, quality and efficiency of public services, by for example facilitating better access to clean water and encouraging better prenatal care. Going to the field matters to our work.

Please send your CV to job@bluesquare1.odoo.com, if interested!

Data Engineer & Analyst

We are looking for a Data Engineer & Geospatial Analyst to oversee the automation of integration data pipelines and data analysis solutions.
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