Who we are?

We are a diverse group of people: developers, project managers, administrators, analysts and public health specialists from Burundi, Congo, Belgium, France, the USA and many other places. Plus we have a good mix of men and women – not so common in technology.

From our various backgrounds and perspectives, we all contribute to Bluesquare’s mission – getting health resources where they have the most impact.

Working with us means you get a chance to do what you do best, and do what you like most, all while making the world a better place for those who need it.

What brings us together is a common vision about public health more than an adherence to any specific culture – we hire for culture add, not culture fit.

What we do?

We work to eradicate sleeping sickness, to help improve access to water and to encourage better prenatal care. We support the work of health workers around the world by providing the tools and processes that make their job more efficient. We believe that through open access to data on their work, they can better serve their communities.

Although we do most of our day-to-day work in our various offices, we also value the unique knowledge gained by going to the field. We think it is important to be directly in contact with the people we support. It allows us to better serve them.

Where will you work?

We currently work from Brussels, Belgium ; Bujumbura, Burundi ; Kinshasa, DRC; Washington DC, USA; Harare, Zimbabwe and Cotonou, Benin. Many of us are also frequently in the field, meeting users and stakeholders. This means that we’re used to remote working environments. We conduct most meetings or other activities through conference calls and are generally “remote friendly”.

Depending on your own location, preferences and roles, we’ll discuss with you what works best. If you are a distance remote worker, we will likely propose that you work a few weeks out of our office in Brussels to get started.

For people applying outside of our Brussels office, we especially look for self-directed, highly-empathetic people – we think those qualities are good for everyone, but especially useful for remote workers.

This also means that we have a relatively flexible “work from home policy” for all.

Perks and benefits

The general package will depend on your experience, status and base country. Of course, the best perk is you get to work in a group of diverse people with a great mission. But also:

  • Small company with a lot of space to grow/impact where we go and how
  • Flexible remote policy
  • Training budgets for professional growth and learning
  • Opportunity to travel to meet our users

We may be small, but we strive to provide a healthy and fun working environment. In our last survey, our staff particularly appreciated working with their colleagues and overwhelmingly recommended Bluesquare as a great place to work.

We are actively recruiting for new positions. Join our dynamic team – apply today!

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