The PBF Manager is a new app where you can find all your PBF related modules – in a way an extended version of what we’ve called the “invoice app” – where you could already find your various invoices, now with all the PBF key parameters:

  • Invoices
  • Incentives (“tarifs” – prices and points)
  • Contracts
  • Custom reports

This is now all under a single roof for easier management

Invoice management

We updated the invoice part to add the possibility to “lock” invoices so that they can’t change, even if values are updated in the system:


Incentives are the prices (for the quantity indicators) and points (for the quality indicators) used to compute the actual value of the invoice. They can be managed at top level, with exceptions created for levels below (for example a province or even a specific hospital) – on a per period basis:

Contract management

This module helps you to manage your contracts for all your entities:

  • Create new contract (with proper start and end dates)
  • List existing contracts and sub contracts
  • Identify any problem in the list (for example overlapping contracts)

Contracts are different in each PBF so they’ll have one or more specific attributes depending of the scheme (here type, equity category, but could be more).

Contracts can be edited directly by the administrator and impacts all other aspects of the program (tarif, invoices, etc)

Custom reports

All PBF programs require some kind of reports – either for deeper analysis by experts or reporting to various stakeholders. We analyze with the programs the reports they need, then they are generated on the platform during the night (as some kind be lengthy), ready to be used each morning.

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