How can we help you use and manage your data better?

Battling with inefficient information systems or time-consuming data management tasks?

We can help. Bluesquare is a leading global health information systems and data management company.  We support governments and organizations to make smarter, more timely decisions through better data and stronger data management. 

We do this by designing, installing, and supporting tailored information systems that integrate with your existing data systems for joined-up data management. We provide you with specialized digital tools and expert technical support to help you get the most out of your data. 

This means you’ll spend less time and effort on collecting, checking, and analyzing your data. And more time on using that data to plan, monitor, and deliver better services and projects.

Our key services

  • Health financing information systems
  • Geospatial information systems
  • Monitoring and evaluation information systems
  • Logistics management information systems
  • Data science for health
  • DHIS2 Hosting services

Health financing information systems

Getting accurate, timely data and analysis is crucial for effectively managing results-based financing and health insurance schemes. Our health financing information systems and tools streamline your data management and routine processes for claims and payments. They boost your efficiency, accuracy, and reliability, while reducing your admin time.

Bluesquare is a recognized leader in health financing information systems and we’ll use our expertise to design a system that’s just right for your needs. We’ve already helped more than 25 countries to improve their strategic purchasing of health services.

We provide a complete package of support including systems, digital tools for mobile data collection and data visualization, and technical support. Our health financing information solutions integrate with your existing data systems, giving you a centralized view of all data and smoother, faster processing. 

Discover more about how we can help you improve your health financing information management.

Geospatial information systems

Using geospatial data helps public health officials with planning and monitoring health services and programs. You can allocate resources much more effectively if you know the locations and sizes of different populations, where their nearest health facilities are, and the local prevalence of specific diseases.

Bluesquare provides systems, digital tools, and expertise to help you collect, analyze, and use geospatial reference data for stronger program planning and delivery.

We can help you set up georegistries, which support you in assessing key public health indicators such as service coverage and accessibility. And health facility registries, which help you plan and monitor resource allocations to different facilities and districts.

As well as setting up your geospatial information system, we can support you with collecting and validating data. And we’ll make sure your geospatial data is integrated with other information systems, to give you a comprehensive overview.

Learn more about how we can help you strengthen health service planning and monitoring with geospatial information systems.

Monitoring and evaluation information systems

Looking for ways to make your monitoring and evaluation easier, faster, and more accurate?

Bluesquare develops comprehensive monitoring and evaluation platforms for governments, programs, and NGOs. Our DHIS2-based solutions integrate data from multiple sources and store it securely. So you get a centralized overview of all the data you need to better monitor and assess your programs and operations.

We’ll tailor your M&E information system to meet your needs and save you time. For example, through automated calculating of indicators, and automatic generation of your routine reports and data tables. 

Customized online dashboards and advanced data visualizations make it easy to view and analyze your data in different ways. You can also use them to share information and user-friendly reports with your partners and stakeholders. 

See more about how we can help you strengthen your monitoring and evaluation for better program delivery.

Logistics management information systems

Ensuring timely deliveries of medicines and other health commodities is often hampered by a lack of up-to-date, accurate logistics data and effective data analysis tools. 

We provide logistics management information systems that help you deliver the right items to the right places at the right times. We specialize in integrating supply chain information systems with health information systems, so you have joined-up data at your fingertips. 

Make the most of your logistics data with our data analysis and data visualization tools. These can give you computing of indicators, online dashboards, and geospatial mapping.

So you can get a clear overview across the whole health system of what’s needed and what’s currently in stock in each location – making your tracking and planning easier and more precise.

Find out more about how we can help you strengthen your logistics management for more efficient delivery of essential medicines, vaccines, and other health commodities.

Data science for health

Trying to collect, compile and analyze data from several different sources is a common headache for many public health decision makers. All too often, different data sets are incompatible, hard to access, and of mixed quality.

Our specialist data science software and support can help you overcome these challenges. You’ll spend less time and energy on sorting out your data, which means more time for using it to make data-driven decisions on planning and allocating resources.

We’ll provide a customized solution to meet your requirements, and any training or support you need. 

You’ll enjoy streamlined, smarter data integration, analysis, and reporting. Our solutions bring all relevant data into one centralized system for easier review and analysis. And advanced data visualizations options let you take in vital information at a glance, view your data in different ways, and swiftly generate reports.

Explore more about how we can help you manage your data better for smarter, data-driven public health decision making.

DHIS2 hosting services

Need a secure, reliable hosting service for your DHIS2 system? 

Our hosting services and technical support give you a set-up you can depend on. No more frustration, wasted time, or errors because your system is suddenly unavailable or hasn’t updated recent data.

We provide a complete package of hosting systems and specialized technical support. We’ll set up your hosting service, provide regular updates and monitoring, and help you troubleshoot any issues arising. 

You can choose from our range of monthly pricing plans to suit your organization’s needs. 

And if you sometimes need extra technical support for specific tasks or problems you’re facing, we can help with that too.

Read more about what you’ll get from our DHIS2 hosting services and pricing options.

Explore more about the different services we offer by clicking on the links in each section above.

Or get in touch to discuss how Bluesquare can help you strengthen your information systems and data management. 

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