What do we offer ?

Bluesquare is a leading global health data systems and data analysis company. The company collaborates with the largest global health organizations in the fields of data management and analysis, providing them with guidance in order to enhance their impact.

Bluesquare is specialized in five areas of expertise:

Monitoring and Evaluation

We deploy data systems that support monitoring and evaluation based on a series of open source software tools and specialized apps. We underpin a large number of programs and projects with data collection, data management, data system integration, data visualisation and automated reporting. 

Examples of interventions include the monitoring of the largest USAID assistance program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), establishing a data system for the elimination of sleeping sickness and a multi-country M&E platform in support of IPPF.

Health Financing data systems

The road towards Universal Health Coverage requires the establishment of integrated data systems for UHC financing. Bluesquare deploys health financing information systems in more than twenty-five countries. The company is a leader in the development and deployment of a suite of digital tools for Result-Based Financing, Performance-Based Financing, Pay for Performance and Pay for quality instruments. The company is also leading the software rebuild of OpenIMIS, the OpenSource Health Insurance data management platform. Examples of our participation include the largest Result-Based Financing program in low-income countries in DRC, Performance Based Financing in Ivory Coast and the national rollout of OpenIMIS in Nepal.

Logistics information systems

Bluesquare has developed an in-depth expertise in Logistics Management Information System deployment and integration. We specialize, in particular, in the integration of supply chain information systems with health information systems, leading to the precise monitoring of drug commodity and vaccine allocations in health systems. Our solutions leverage specific software such as Hesabu or the Pivot Browser app to enhance the capabilities of DHIS2 with commodities monitoring. 

An example of our work includes the monitoring and tracking of malaria commodities, HIV commodities and TB commodities in the DRC

Geospatial and health facility registries management

Continuously improving data from remote sensing and artificial intelligence has created new opportunities for enhanced stewardship and monitoring of programs. Bluesquare deploys digital infrastructure and supports data validation processes to help countries continuously manage geospatial and facility registries and ensure their integration in broader data environments. Our cloud-based technology solutions based on Iaso allows for data management and validation by multiple stakeholders. 

Example of our work include geospatial data management in Niger and DRC, the health facility registry management in Senegal and in Benin.

Data integration, analytics and science

We help global health players leverage and integrate multiple sources of fragmented data to build life-saving metrics. Our services include data mapping and assessment, data processing, data visualisation and data use support. We are helped by a data integration platform supporting advanced data modeling and machine learning algorithms developed by our teams or partners.

Our projects include: Mapping the risk of Antiretroviral drug resistance leveraging multiple sources of data, support to the Global Financial Facility in monitoring Reproductive, Maternal and Child health progress in five countries, setup of COVID monitoring dashboards in the DRC.


Of course, if you don’t see your project need above, we are happy to see whether our skills, experts and experience can be brought to bear to bring value to your projects through dedicated support. There are often synergies we can build upon and our team of in-house developers are always looking for a new challenge.  

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