Our mission

We strive to build data systems and tools that get resources where they matter most, nurture autonomy, empower individuals, create value and help you make better decisions.

What do we do?

At Bluesquare we help governments and their global health partners enhance data systems and gain strategic data insights, so that global health resources go where it matters the most. Through our software development we work to help you bring health solutions to the people you serve across developing countries.

We provide technology solutions that leverage DHIS2 and have developed additional software modules for complex computations in DHIS2 (ORBF), data visualization (Data Viz), DHIS2 integration (D2D) and mobile data collection. When needed, we provide custom software development.

We have in depth expertise in three different areas:

DHIS2  configuration, advice, hosting and training

We help countries and global health stakeholders manage their data. We work extensively with aggregated and patient level data. We support information systems focused on HMIS, HIV, supply chain, cohort management, water and sanitation, and education. We deploy our additional tools or custom app development when required. Our clients include Ministries of Health, UNICEF and multiple NGOS.

Health financing and strategic purchasing

We help countries build integrated data systems for strategic purchasing linked to health. Our combination of tools help us support performance-based financing, result-based financing, pay for quality and health insurance data systems in more than twenty countries. We see this as an entry point to enhanced provider payment systems. Read more

Data science and Health Facility Registries

We help global health players leverage and integrate multiple sources of fragmented data to build life-saving metrics directly into routine data collection processes. Our area of intervention includes measurement of health service availability, accessibility, vector borne disease elimination or drug resistance. We use geospatial and big data modeling so we can provide better insights on the data. This also allows us to provide countries with digital versions of their Health Facility Registries – a critical gap in health service delivery.

Of course, if you don’t see your project need above, we are happy to see whether our skills, experts and experience can be brought to bear to bring value to your projects through custom development. There are often synergies we can build upon and our team of in-house developers are always looking for a new challenge.  

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