Enhanced geospatial data management for more effective program planning and monitoring

Effective planning and delivery of health services rely on providing the right resources to the right places to meet local population needs. Achieving this requires precise geospatial information about the locations and sizes of different populations, health facilities, estimates of disease burdens and more. 

Without an integrated, up-to-date view of this geospatial data and the insights it provides, it’s much harder for public health officials to allocate resources accurately, effectively, and cost-effectively.

Bluesquare helps countries and their health systems partners improve health planning and monitoring through stronger management of geospatial reference data. Having geospatial data alone isn’t enough without the digital tools and knowhow to use it effectively. So we’ll support you with setting up georegistries and health facility registries, data collection and validation, and integrating geospatial data with other information systems. 

Using georegistries and health facility registries to strengthen monitoring and resource allocation

We’ll support you in setting up reliable systems to consolidate, manage, analyze, and continuously update this fast-evolving geospatial information.

Georegistries provide data and analysis that help countries with assessing key public health indicators to aid planning and monitoring of services, including:

  • Service coverage
  • Health services accessibility
  • Health services referral areas and populations

Georegistries give you a unified overview of all relevant geospatial data at country level. They often include data such as:

  • Administrative boundaries, geolocation of villages and facilities
  • Geolocalized population estimates
  • Estimates of local disease burdens

Health facility registries provide data and analysis that help health officials to plan and monitor resource allocations to facilities and districts, to avoid problems such as:

  • Stockouts of specific drugs
  • Understaffing
  • Inadequate supplies of other resources and equipment

Health facility registries provide you with a precise and detailed overview of health services in a country, including: 

  • Lists of health facilities that are currently open and accredited by the Ministry of Health
  • Health pyramid and organization of referrals between different levels of the health system
  • Key information for each health facility, such as:
    • Normative list of services provided
    • Available infrastructure, equipment, and human resources 
    • Estimation of resource needs based on local regulatory frameworks

By using precise, integrated data from either or both types of registry, you can plan and monitor vital health services more efficiently and accurately. 

Our key services

  • Assessing the quality of existing geographical data
  • Setting up and hosting of georegistries, health facility registries, and school and administrative registries
  • Supporting geospatial data collection, validation, and management
  • Integrating remote sensing data into georegistries
  • Setting up the integration of geospatial data into broader information systems 
  • Providing capacity building and training in using geospatial information systems
  • Supporting research and communication using geospatial data

Digital tools to boost your geospatial data management

Bluesquare’s geospatial information systems are based on our custom-built tool, Iaso. This incorporates both a central georegistry to manage the data and a data collection tool.

Our cloud-based technology solutions enable geospatial data management and validation by many different stakeholders. This means that data collected by a variety of health system partners can be centralized and validated by relevant authorities. So you can be confident you have up-to-date, integrated data to help plan and monitor your health services.

We integrate the geospatial data with other information systems and data sources such as:

This means your geospatial reference information is always aligned with other information systems you need to use. Everything is joined up – making it easier for you to manage and analyze your data.

Our experience in delivering geospatial information systems

Bluesquare is helping several governments to develop and implement innovative geospatial information systems that support health service planning, monitoring, and delivery. We’ve worked on initiatives with USAID, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Geospatial Analysis Unit (ANAGEO) at Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Previous projects include:

Interested in improving your program planning and monitoring through smarter use of geospatial data? 

Contact Grégoire to discuss how a tailored geospatial information system could help you deliver better health services.

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