Using data to drive better healthcare logistics

Frustrated by patchy, incomplete data for logistics management?

Providing effective healthcare relies on the timely delivery of medicines, vaccines, and other health commodities. Yet many low- and middle-income countries struggle with managing the logistics of this, because of a lack of up-to-date, accurate data and the tools to analyze it. Without these, it’s hard to get a clear picture of current needs and stock levels across the health system, and to make sure new deliveries arrive when needed.  

Bluesquare can help you overcome these challenges by setting up a tailored logistics management information system. We specialize in integrating supply chain information systems with health information systems. 

This puts all your logistics data and analysis into one centralized system. Which makes it easier for you to accurately track, monitor, and allocate supplies to the right place, at the right time.

Our logistics management information systems give you comprehensive, joined-up information on current stock levels across health facilities and let you compare this to local population needs. This is made possible by bringing together data from multiple sources:

  • Logistics data from community and district levels
  • ERP/WMS inventory and tracking data from national and regional warehouses
  • National health management information systems (HMIS)
  • Program data from national, district, and community health programs

Bluesquare’s customized logistics information systems remove the time-consuming, error-prone processes of manually collecting, comparing, and analyzing the data you need. 

Instead, our solutions put easier data analysis and advanced data visualization at your fingertips. This includes computing of indicators to monitor the supply chain, online dashboards, and geospatial mapping.

The outcome? Smoother, faster, and more precise logistics planning, monitoring, and management. And ultimately, better health for all through ensuring health facilities have the essential medicines and other supplies they need to deliver effective health services.

Our key services

  • Analysing information system requirements
  • Supporting the deployment of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Supporting supply chain reporting in HMIS systems
  • Developing data collection tools (mobile and paper/web)
  • Developing a centralized platform for integrating all logistics management data
  • Setting up computation of indicators to monitor supply chains
  • Supporting advanced data visualization across supply chains

Our experience in delivering logistics management information systems

Previous projects include:

Digital tools for smarter logistics information management

Our logistics management information systems use specialized software including:

  • Hesabu for sophisticated data analysis and computations
  • Logistics app for monitoring your logistics management information system
  • DataViz for your online data visualization, including dashboards
  • D2d for your data integration
  • Iaso for your mobile data collection

We also use:

  • Odoo as proposed Warehouse Management System

Ready to improve your logistics management to ensure essential health commodities are delivered to the right places at the right time? 

Get in touch with Romain to discuss how we can set up a logistics information management system that meets your needs.

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